Confidence and Control

Posted by Julie Erickson | December 18, 2017 | Mental Health Services, Services for Children and Youth

Communication can be difficult for anyone, especially when it comes to mental health.

For a while, Jonathan struggled to open up to any mental health experts. He saw several different psychiatrists over the past six years, but he never felt comfortable talking about his emotions. As Jonathan grew into his teenage years, his mother, Kristina, worried that he would not find an outlet to express the anger he was displaying at home.

“As he’s getting older, I may not be around all the time,” Kristina says. “With his disorder, he needs to be comfortable opening up to other people when I’m not there.”

For the past two years, Jonathan has received Behavioral Health Intervention Services from his LSI caseworker, Jose. Together, the duo has been working on coping skills to manage Jonathan’s anger. When Jose learned Jonathan was in need of a new psychiatrist, he knew exactly who to recommend.

Jose regularly works with LSI’s psychiatrist, Dr. Marvin Piburn. When they share clients, Jose and Dr. Piburn stay in close contact to make sure families are getting the wraparound care they need in the clinic and at home.

“LSI has so many different services to support families, and we’re able to collaborate. It’s making an impact for the families we serve,” Jose says. “We have a lot of clients in common, so we share those success stories.”

That individualized care and empowerment has helped Jonathan to thrive, and Kristina feels amazed by the results.

Jonathan, now 16, feels comfortable and confident in his sessions with Dr. Piburn. He is learning to handle his emotions. At home, Jose is encouraging Jonathan to develop a routine to become more independent. Through his regular support from LSI, Jonathan has also discovered his love for art, and he now enjoys visiting museums and exhibits in his community.

“LSI has really helped Jonathan to come out of his shell, and he’s more independent,” Kristina says. “It’s like night and day since we started using LSI services.”

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