Being There for Beth

Posted by Julie Erickson | December 19, 2017 | Services for Children and Youth

I’ve seen a lot of growth from day one, and that’s huge. LSI is making a difference.

Beth describes her life last year as “overwhelming” and “frightening.”

Her grandchildren, Aidan, 12, and Annabella, 8, required multiple mental health services. When Beth was juggling communication with five healthcare organizations at once, the stress became too much to handle.

“I was having to tell one person this, and I was afraid I would forget to tell another person that,” Beth says. “I’ve had to learn a lot on my own.”

Desperate, she turned to LSI’s Pediatric Integrated Health services for support.

During their first meeting, Beth and her PIH team sat down to figure out which services Aidan and Annabella needed, and what LSI could do to help.

To start with, Beth decided to make a change and consolidate her grandchildren’s services to LSI. Aidan and Annabella now use several LSI services, including Behavioral Health Intervention and Mental Health Services, and Aidan regularly sees LSI’s psychiatrist.

Beth no longer feels lost in a sea of phone calls and emails. Her family’s Pediatric Integrated Health team is there to keep everyone on the same page.

“They work with my therapist, my caseworker, my psychiatrist,” Beth says. “They’re good about regularly checking in with me to see how everything is going. But they’re also checking each of the services to make sure everything is okay. That’s been extremely helpful for me.”

Beth says having the wraparound care she’s seen from PIH has made a big change in her family. Aidan’s teachers and mental health providers are kept consistently in the loop on his Individualized Education Program, so he is getting the attention and care he needs at school.

“We’re making sure we’re all collaborating,” Beth says. “School has been a lot better this year. I’ve seen a lot of growth from day one, and that’s huge. LSI is making a difference.”

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