Finding Her Community

Posted by | December 19, 2017 | Services for Adults, Services for Children and Youth

When Fan’s first child, Rain, was born, she was determined to raise him to be gentle, patient, and independent. But as he entered his crawling, walking, and climbing phases, things began to change.

Originally from China, Fan was not well connected in her Ames community. When Rain, now 2, became a very mobile and curious toddler, she had no other parents to talk to about how to handle his latest developmental stages. Through LSI’s People Place, she is finding a community of support.

People Place is a family resource center that provides parents with access to low-cost or free programs, parenting classes, support groups, and home visitations. For low-income families like Fan’s, People Place is a life-changing resource.

As Rain continued to grow, he had no friends his own age to play with. But at People Place, he learned to interact with other children, and Fan had the chance to meet more parents with similar life experiences.

“They’ve helped me a lot by answering my concerns when he’s growing or developing a problem.” Fan says. “Someone else there might be having the same problem, so you can connect with them. It’s a lot more fun to learn how to raise your kids in a group instead of doing it alone.”

Rain is now doing well in preschool. And at home, he’s learning to be the best big brother to his baby sister, River.

“He’s learning to be very gentle with her, and he just adores his little sister. He doesn’t have any difficulty fitting in school,” Fan says. “He knows all the procedures and he enjoys it. My husband and I really appreciate People Place. It’s helped us to grow a lot as a family.”

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