On the Path to a Brighter Future

Posted by | December 19, 2017 | Mental Health Services, Services for Children and Youth

Growing up is difficult for any child. But imagine being labeled the “bad kid” in school and feeling isolated, excluded, like no one believes in you.

For a while, that’s how 11-year-old Scott felt.

Abuse and trauma in Scott’s past made it difficult for him to control his anger. He acted out in public and became physically aggressive at home. He moved in and out of residential treatment centers for years.

Once, when Scott became a danger to himself and others, he was hospitalized for months. His family felt like they were running out of options.

When Scott arrived at LSI’s Beloit Residential Treatment Center, he didn’t think anything would change. But Beloit was different, and Scott is seeing a change in himself.

“Kids like Scott who come into residential treatment are lost. They are hurt, filled with pain, shame, and fear,” says Matt, Beloit’s Residential Manager. “I hope kids leave residential treatment knowing that they’re loved, that they’re valued, that they’re cherished.”

With encouragement from his support network at Beloit, Scott is finding the coping skills that work best for his anger. He especially likes to practice deep breathing.

“When I feel angry, I can breathe in and breathe out. That calms me down,” he says. “I use my coping skills and I don’t escalate anymore.”

Scott is grateful for the lessons he has learned at Beloit, and he is excited to return home and see his family—especially his five pet fish!

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