Someone in Her Corner

Posted by | February 1, 2018 | Services for Children and Youth

Fifteen-year-old Izabella felt trapped and alone. She struggled with anxiety and depression, breaking down multiple times each week. She moved in and out of a mental health institution.

That’s when Izabella and her mother, Meghan, discovered LSI’s Behavioral Health Intervention Services. For almost two years, Izabella collaborated with her LSI mental health team and in the process, she built a strong bond with her behavioral health social worker, Miranda.

Miranda is a social worker with LSI’s Behavioral Health Intervention Services team, which lifts up Iowa children struggling with severe behavioral or emotional disorders. The team wraps care around the child’s entire family to empower them with skills such as anger management, healthy decision-making, and problem-solving.

Through regular home visits, Miranda worked with Izabella on building coping skills and learning how to effectively communicate with Meghan when she is struggling.

“Having Miranda to guide me as a parent, as well as guiding Izabella through her health needs, has been fantastic,” Meghan says. “My daughter is in a really good place right now, and we couldn’t have done it without LSI.”

Izabella has since graduated out of LSI services. She no longer feels overwhelmed with negative thoughts and is on the path to hope and healing.

She is using music and art to express her feelings in a positive way, and she feels comfortable asking for help and support on the difficult days. Izabella is eating healthy foods, getting involved in school activities, and learning to love and accept herself.

“When I started working with Miranda, I just started feeling better,” she says. “It’s helped me come such a long way.”

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