“LSI has been a Lifesaver”

Posted by | February 14, 2018 | Services for Children and Youth

LSI has been a backbone for me when I want to give up.

No parent should feel alone, stressed, or hopeless when it comes to caring for their children’s health. But those emotions were common for Judy four years ago.

It started when her son began struggling with severe behaviors. He began seeing a litany of different doctors and specialists. Judy needed to coordinate the appointments and medications recommended by each doctor, but it was difficult to keep track while still caring for her three other children as a single parent.

“We were struggling at that time. We were just looking for help,” Judy says. “I was frustrated because I didn’t think his doctors were communicating with each other.”

She felt intimidated to talk to her son’s doctors about the concerns she had. But when her child began having medical emergencies and seizures from some of his medications, Judy knew enough was enough. That’s when she found LSI’s Pediatric Integrated Health services.

Pediatric Integrated Health services wrap care around families like Judy’s to coordinate medical appointments and counseling sessions, or communicate with a child’s school.

Judy’s Pediatric Integrated Health professional, Wyndolyn, helped Judy obtain a Child Mental Health Waiver for two of her children. When Judy’s daughter required an Individualized Education Program (IEP) at school, Wyndolyn was there to keep in contact with the school and attend IEP meetings with Judy. When her son began attending school on LSI’s Bremwood Residential Treatment Center campus, Wyndolyn was there to check in on him and provide updates to Judy.

Wyndolyn also helped Judy to set up respite care through LSI’s Services for People with Disabilities. Now, Judy can get a much-needed break while her children receive quality care from an LSI respite provider.

“We’re one team now, we’re on the same page,” Judy says. “LSI has been a backbone for me when I want to give up. Wyndolyn talks to me when I’m stressed and ready to call it quits. She’s really an advocate for my family. LSI has been a lifesaver.”

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