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Our Culture

We work hard to make LSI a friendly and fun place to be. As an LSI employee, you will be part of an atmosphere of dignity and respect, one that encourages employees to be leaders and strives for excellence in customer service.


Our 1,000 employees are way too nice to brag about themselves, so we’ll do it for them. After all, it’s only because of the highly talented and compassionate folks we employ that we can do this important work.

At LSI, you will be working with caring and focused people from diverse backgrounds. LSI employs social workers, nurses, therapists, information technology specialists, human resources staff and many others who all share one thing in common – a passion for helping others.

LSI is truly a mission-driven organization. If you want a career that makes a difference, then consider applying for a position at LSI.


LSI’s four core values are unite, respect, grow and empower. See more.


Because our employees do so many great things in so many places, LSI looks a little different in each part of the state.

Your office environment will depend on your job. You may rarely be in an office if your work takes place in a client’s home or the community. Other employees work in an office every day.

We also value a work force that can be flexible and on the move. Thanks to our terrific information technology support, LSI even has office-free operations in some areas.

Training and development

We’re an agency that likes to learn. We offer many trainings for employees, as well as professional development for career advancement both at LSI and beyond. See more.

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