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Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about employment at LSI, click the questions below.

Who is LSI?

What benefits does LSI offer?

Why should I work at LSI?

How is LSI funded?

Does LSI offer volunteer and internship opportunities?

What degree or experience do I need to work at LSI?

How does the application process work?

Does LSI do background checks or pre-employment screening?

Can I submit my resume instead of filling out the work history information online?

I applied for an LSI job online. Should I follow up with a phone call or paper copy of my resume?

When and how will I hear from LSI after applying?

I was contacted by human resources to provide additional information for motor vehicle background checks. Does this mean I will be interviewed?

Can I apply for multiple positions?

I saw a position online last week. It’s no longer posted, but can I still apply?

Do you save my application and consider it for future positions?

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