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Paul’s Story

Until December 31, all increased gifts will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Please give generously in support of Iowa’s most vulnerable people during this season of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Growing up can be difficult for any child. For 12-year-old Paul, so many things in his life were changing that he found it hard to keep up.

His beloved grandparents passed away, and their farm—one of Paul’s favorite places to visit—was sold. He struggled to adjust to life with his new stepmom and half siblings. Paul’s pet piglet, Hamlet, had to be given away. Paul had trouble coping with difficult emotions.

He became bitter and aggressive toward the people closest to him. All of his stress and anger collided one day, when he hit a family member.

But thanks to compassionate people like you, Paul’s family found a place of hope and healing in LSI’s Beloit Residential Treatment Center in Ames.

At Beloit, Paul discovered the Learning Garden.


The garden is located right in Beloit’s backyard. Vegetables from the garden are used in Beloit’s kitchen, where the children enjoy them all summer and into the holiday season.

With your help, LSI’s dedicated staff empowers children like Paul to overcome past trauma and find their passions every day. And there’s never been a better time to grow your gift!  By giving today, you take advantage of our $50,000 matching opportunity!

Paul has been working in the garden as much as he can this year, reconnecting with healing memories. He receives advice from community gardeners, who volunteer with the young green thumbs at Beloit.

Caring for the garden has helped Paul learn coping skills and especially patience – his favorite foods don’t grow overnight.

Because of you, Paul’s painful past will not define his future.

When he grows up, Paul wants to be a farmer just like his grandparents.

“I want a farm with corn and vegetables and lots of animals,” Paul says.

The Beloit Learning Garden has restored hope and joy to Paul’s life.

He’s excited to return home and share his love of gardening with his family by planting “a whole bunch of stuff” for his parents and siblings.

“I can’t wait to be in my garden and see the sun rising,” he says.

Give today. Your support will help another child on the journey to healing and wholeness. Your gift will have a profound impact, especially when you give before December 31 and take advantage of our dollar-for-dollar matching opportunity. Don’t wait. 

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