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2017 Putting Compassion in Action Staff Campaign

Sofia’s life was full of upheaval and trauma. She tried to be the “normal” girl at school, but her only mission at home was to protect her younger brothers and sisters from near-constant neglect, hunger, and abuse.

Sofia’s story changed when Mitch, a family safety worker for LSI, came into her life. When a judge decided the children were unsafe in the home, the children had to be placed in two separate foster homes. But Mitch was there for them, working to ensure the kids stayed connected. He was one of the only constants in their lives and became “Papa Mitch” to the children.

“He was our friend, a person who cared,” Sofia says.

Sofia prayed that she wouldn’t be returned to the chaos of her former life and after 649 days in foster care, her prayers were answered – she and her brothers and sisters were adopted together!

Now, Sofia doesn’t have to worry about whether her brothers and sisters will be cared for.

She’s learning to be a kid again.

Across Iowa, more children just like Sofia are in need. Will you stand with us to help keep them safe?

Yes, I want to make a difference!

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