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A home for Janice

March 15, 2013

You can’t miss Janice Vance’s smile.

It shines like a rainbow, bright and joyful.

And it’s the first smile LSI nurse Sherry McClain sees when she arrives at the Rose of Des Moines each morning.

“Sherry is my buddy,” said Janice. “I wait for her each morning and open the door.”

Thanks to support from LSI’s home health care services, Janice lives independently at the Rose, an affordable independent assisted living community and a place that has special meaning for Janice.

She moved there several years ago with her mother, where the two shared a two-bedroom apartment until her mother passed away last year.

At age 50, Janice, who has developmental delays because of a lack of oxygen at birth, is the youngest person living at the Rose.

“Janice is the baby of the Rose, our little rosebud,” said Mary Schmidt, LSI home health liaison, with a smile. “She had always lived with her mother and helped her mom with a lot of things. When they moved to the Rose because of her mother’s mobility issues, they got to stay together.”

Today LSI nurses visit Janice regularly to check her blood pressure, do blood draws and set up her medicine. Without them, Janice would have to find transportation to a doctor’s office for those regular checks. An LSI home health aide also helps her with daily living, such as cleaning and laundry.

For Janice, it’s also important that she feels safe at the Rose. After some difficult times in the past, the Rose is a place where she has friends and feels supported. Janice loves to chat with people, help staff deliver papers to each resident’s room and help LSI’s activity coordinator set up for games and crafts.

“Having her own place is important to Janice,” said Mary. “Even when she visits family, she can’t wait to get home. She is such a nice and loving person, and she makes a lot of people here happy.”

Home and happiness.

Two beautiful gifts, and Janice Vance has both.

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