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“It took me a long time to be proud of myself”

March 15, 2013

Last year was a tough one for Lisa Jackson.

Her address changed from motel to motel. She was always worried about paying the rent, always on edge around her emotionally abusive boyfriend.

It was also the year she found her own extraordinary courage.

Lisa, who partners with LSI’s supported community living services for people with disabilities, had a great support person in her corner.

“When I was Lisa’s caseworker, she had a goal of moving into her own apartment,” said Danielle, now an LSI program supervisor. “She had been living in a motel because of bed bugs, her boyfriend and other living issues.”

Fear held Lisa back from making a change and moving out.

“I was in a bad relationship,” Lisa said. “It was scary, and I was the only one paying rent for us. Danielle talked me through it and said I could do it. I just needed to have the willpower to do it.”

Over the course of a year, Danielle helped Lisa access regular therapy, helped her look for new apartments and found a living program for women in her situation.

With Danielle’s encouragement, Lisa gained the confidence to start fresh.

It took her a year to summon the courage to leave her boyfriend. Danielle was waiting nearby the day that Lisa ended her relationship and packed up her things.

“I was scared he would try to follow me,” she said. “I felt relieved that Danielle was behind me to make sure I was safe.”

Lisa moved into a new apartment this past September.

“It took me a long time to be proud of myself,” she said. “My mom said I’ve come a long way since I started with Danielle. I moved out and learned how to cope with my life. Danielle is an understanding person. I’m glad I went through LSI and had her in my life.”

In Danielle’s view, the praise all belongs to Lisa.

“It took Lisa a lot of courage and confidence to change her situation,” said Danielle. “It was an incredible accomplishment.”

Lisa recently moved again to a small town in rural Iowa. It didn’t take long for LSI employees there to help Lisa find resources in her new community.

A courageous choice. A continuum of connections.

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