Dear friends,


Families sharing their stories with LSI often use these words:

“It’s a miracle.”

For some parents, the miracle is seeing a troubled teen back on track after months of heartache. For others, it’s welcoming their children home from foster care. For some people, it’s a miracle just to be alive and in Iowa, free from violence and persecution in war-torn countries.

When you’ve lost hope and you’re afraid your circumstances will never change, change can feel like a miracle.

LSI’s anniversary in 2014 was in many ways a celebration of 150 years of miracles: of millions of hope-filled moments lighting the lives of children, families and adults from 1864 until today.

150 years later, LSI’s mission continues because people like you don’t give up when faced with the overwhelming needs of a hurting world.

Instead, you give back. And a generous heart is a magnet for miracles.

This historic anniversary year we were again reminded of God’s remarkable provision for this ministry: day after day, an abundance of hope, love, healing and courageous accomplishment is created from often limited resources.

You are one of the ways God provides for LSI, and more than you will ever know, your compassion makes a difference.


Thank you for the miracles.


Doug Johnson

Pr. Doug Johnson
LSI President and CEO
Chris Andersen

Chris Andersen
LSI vice president of philanthropy and church relations
Robert Vaage

Rev. Robert Vaage
LSI board chair

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150th Parade

LSI continues to evolve, even after 150 years. We opened new programs this year, such as Pediatric Integrated Health!

Ribbon Cutting

LSI staff celebrated our legacy of service at community parades and ribbon-cutting ceremonies!

LSI hosted more than 400 friends from across Iowa at Rejoice! 150.


Home visits were made for Early Childhood


hours of respite care for families were provided


worth of produce was sold at LSI’s first Global Greens farmers’ market