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Children, Youth, & Family

We believe families have the ability to find their own solutions when given the opportunity, tools and resources they need to succeed.

LSI has many programs, from parenting to crisis intervention to residential care, that can strengthen your child or family. We provide many of these services at your doorstep – we can visit you right in your home.


We provide parent education, in-home visits, resources and support so you can give your child a healthy start. Our services can start even before your child is born, and we partner with you up to the preschool years. See more.

Crisis Care and Family Support

LSI offers structured support to families in crisis. This includes services for crisis child care, short-term intervention and families at risk of losing their children to state custody. See more.

Counseling & Therapy

LSI’s licensed professionals provide one-on-one therapy and counseling to help youth with mental health diagnoses. Therapists will perform an assessment, and provide families with therapy, counseling and additional options. See more.

Improving Behaviors

We visit your child in your home and teach skills for anger management, good decision-making, coping and many other issues. These services can improve behavior and help your child succeed at home and in the community and enhance the effectiveness of counseling and therapy. See more.

Residential Treatment

For children with severe emotional or behavioral disorders, LSI’s residential treatment centers provide 24-7 mental health services. Youth live on our campuses for six months or longer and receive structured, trauma-sensitive care. See more.

Supported Community Living & Respite

LSI’s provides hourly and 24-hour supported community living services for children on the following waivers: Home and Community-Based Services Waivers (HCBS): Intellectual Disabilities Waiver; Children’s Mental Health Waiver; Brain Injury Waiver; Habilitation Waiver. See more.

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