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Crisis Care

Crisis Care

LSI offers several programs for families facing a short-term crisis.

Crisis Child Care

LSI provides up to 72 hours of crisis child care in Story and Boone Counties.

You are eligible for this free program if you are facing a crisis, such as medical emergency, homelessness or critical stress, and have no other available child care options or support system.

This program is open to any family, regardless of income. LSI will help transport your child to a licensed child care provider so you can focus on resolving your family emergency. See more.

Crisis Intervention

LSI has several regional crisis intervention programs. Crisis intervention can prevent out-of-home placements and prevent involvement with the Department of Human Services or Juvenile Court Services.

Our goal is to strengthen your family, so you are stable and able to keep your children in your home. This happens through crisis counseling, referrals to community support and family team meetings. A family team meeting brings together important people in your life and works to identify your strengths and needs.

Sometimes we can also help with short-term needs such as an emergency food supply, baby formula, diapers or cleaning supplies.

Shelter Care

LSI’s Woodhaven Crisis Response Center in Waverly provides both shelter services and child welfare emergency services.

Non-emergency beds are for youth in the child welfare or juvenile justice system. The average stay is 30 days. Youth often move on to a residential facility or foster home if available. Some return home if safe reunification is possible.

Child welfare emergency services help prevent an intensive family crisis for youth who aren’t in the child welfare system, but are experiencing a crisis situation. We use family sessions and skill-building to help safely reunify families, over the course of one to 15 days. Families are referred by DHS, the Juvenile Court System and local law enforcement.

Family, Safety, Risk and Permanency Services

LSI is a selected provider for safety and permanency services in the Waterloo and Dubuque regions. See more.

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