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Improving Behaviors

Improving Behaviors

Angry. Defiant. Trouble at school. If this sounds like your child, LSI can help.

LSI can help your family be safe and stable. We can visit you in your home and teach your child skills to improve behavior. This can prevent bigger problems down the road, such as involvement with juvenile court or an out-of-home placement.

We also have licensed therapists who can provide assessments and ongoing therapy in an office or, when authorized, in a school setting.

Help in Your Home

We help youth with behavioral or mental health issues improve their behavior by building skills. Some LSI sites also can provide these services for adults.

An LSI professional can visit your home and teach skills such as anger management, coping, decision-making, communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution and relationship-building.

These services, also known as behavioral health intervention or in-home services, could also help a child who has a diagnosis of ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder or reactive attachment disorder.

Some problems are best solved around a kitchen table. We will sit with you in your home, listen, understand and help you find solutions to your family’s struggles. To schedule an appointment with an LSI professional, call toll free: 888.457.4692. See more about skill building services. See a listing of LSI therapists.

If your family has already exhausted all other service options, you may want to learn more about residential treatment. See more here.

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