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Children, Youth, & Family

Juvenile Court Community Services

Sometimes youth get into trouble, and it can just keep getting worse – delinquent or destructive behavior, aggression or a decline in school attendance and performance.

LSI can help, through a special program funded by Juvenile Court Services. This unique program targets youth who have been arrested for the first time, when LSI professionals can step in, help the youth stop the behavior and prevent future involvement with the court system. Because Title 19 insurance is not a requirement to receive services, this program helps fill gaps for children who don’t qualify for traditional state services.

How it works

Once LSI receives a referral from a Juvenile Court Officer (JCO), we get the ball rolling with a treatment plan developed around the child’s delinquency – such as working on anger management or healthy decision making – and by connecting the child to additional services, such as behavioral health intervention services (BHIS) or therapy.

We can visit the child and family in the home or in the office. The JCO can choose how often he or she would like us to meet with the child and will receive monthly reports on how the case is going. Every 30 days we reassess the case.

This skill-building service helps reduce criminal behavior and prevent future juvenile court involvement.

Why it’s a great resource

For JCOs, this is a great way to lighten your busy load and boost positive outcomes for children on your caseload. Let us help manage the case and take the coordination off your plate – we do the skill-building work, give you regular progress reports and link your child to lots of other additional resources.

We can help you close your case faster and help your child reduce delinquent behaviors, creating positive outcomes for long-term success.

Where it’s available

This program is for the 2nd Judicial District. We can provide services in 22 counties, including Boone, Bremer, Butler, Calhoun, Carroll, Cerro Gordo, Floyd, Franklin, Greene, Hancock, Hamilton, Hardin, Humbolt, Marshall, Mitchell, Pocahontas, Sac, Story, Webster, Winnebago, Worth and Wright.

Make a referral

To make a referral, please contact us at 888.457.4692.




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