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Parenting Programs

Parenting Programs

A new baby can bring both joy and stress.

It’s natural for parents to want support or for new parents to feel overwhelmed. Even experienced parents can always learn something new. Some parents grew up with a difficult childhood and would like to provide a more stable environment for their own children.

Whether you would like to attend a class or have someone visit your home, LSI can help you strengthen your family.

LSI offers classes, resource and drop-in centers, support groups, teen parent programs and home visitation for families with babies and toddlers.

Why LSI?

We share in the joy of seeing your child grow and develop. You will learn about your child’s development, gain confidence, receive useful parenting information, learn about other community programs and have a support system when you need it.

A child’s first few years can be the most important, and you are your child’s first teacher. Build a healthy future for your child by partnering with LSI.

All our parenting programs are voluntary, and the majority of programs are also free.


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