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Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

Is your child or teen aggressive, out of control, destructive or defiant? LSI’s residential care can help.

LSI has two residential treatment centers, Beloit in Ames and Bremwood in Waverly, which provide 24-7 mental health services for children and teens with severe emotional or behavioral disorders. Some, though not all, have experienced past abuse or neglect.

Youth live at Beloit and Bremwood for six months or longer for structured, intensive treatment.

Residential placement is usually the last option after all other treatment options are exhausted. If your child has never received mental health services before, you may want to explore LSI’s other services first.

Why LSI?

LSI is family-focused with a trauma-sensitive approach to care. We also believe in a holistic plan that includes extracurricular activities, an optional spiritual life program, a supervised GED program, both on-campus and public school education and more.

Our children and teens have faced tremendous challenges, struggles or even tragedy. We give youth tools for success and help them build futures full of hope.

Learn about Beloit
PMIC – Ages 5-13
Residential Treatment – Ages 5-15
Ames, Iowa

Learn about Bremwood
PMIC – Ages 13-18
Residential Treatment – Ages 13-18
Supported Adult Living – Ages 18-21
Waverly, Iowa

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