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We have many great opportunities. Here are a few categories to volunteer in.

English as a Second Language


Make a world of difference for students as you learn from them and their diverse experiences. Help refugees overcome one of the largest barriers to becoming self-sufficient in the U.S., the English language. LSI is looking for dedicated volunteers to lead ESL classes and/or activities.

Childcare Literacy


Provide literacy education for women from the refugee community who have started in-home child care businesses. Empower care providers to incorporate literacy into their programs through modeling and education by reading books and facilitating activities with providers and children.

Global Greens and Urban Agriculture


Support our urban agriculture efforts through our farmers’ market or community gardens. Help transport or set up tents, unload vegetables, or tear down. Volunteers can also help support community garden efforts by providing site support or training to gardeners. Positions are seasonal.

Find more volunteer opportunities. If you’re ready to take the next step, apply now!

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