Stories of Empowerment

Stories of Empowerment

How LSI is making a difference

I’ve seen a lot of growth from day one, and that’s huge. LSI is making a difference.

19 December 2017| Services for Children and Youth
Being There for Beth

Beth describes her life last year as “overwhelming” and “frightening.” Her grandchildren, Aidan, 12, and Annabella, 8, required multiple mental health services. When Beth was juggling communication with five healthcare organizations at once, the stress became too much to handle. “I was having to tell one person this, and I was afraid I would forget...

19 December 2017| Mental Health Services, Services for Children and Youth
On the Path to a Brighter Future

Growing up is difficult for any child. But imagine being labeled the “bad kid” in school and feeling isolated, excluded, like no one believes in you. For a while, that’s how 11-year-old Scott felt. Abuse and trauma in Scott’s past made it difficult for him to control his anger. He acted out in public and...

19 December 2017| Services for Adults, Services for Children and Youth
Finding Her Community

When Fan’s first child, Rain, was born, she was determined to raise him to be gentle, patient, and independent. But as he entered his crawling, walking, and climbing phases, things began to change. Originally from China, Fan was not well connected in her Ames community. When Rain, now 2, became a very mobile and curious...

Helping Keep Kids Safe

At 8 years old, Sofia was often the only one caring for her younger siblings. She tried to be the “normal” girl at school but her only mission at home was to protect her younger brothers and sisters from near-constant neglect, hunger, and abuse. That all began to change when Mitch came into her life....

19 December 2017| Refugee Community Services
Friendly Competition

Originally from Bhutan, Bhakti and Chhali moved to Des Moines from a refugee camp in Nepal. Since then, they have been hard at work improving their English and establishing their new life in Iowa. But they remember feeling overwhelmed when the time came to take their U.S. citizenship exam. They both worked seven days a...

It Takes a Village

Jessica felt overwhelmed. She spent most of her time caregiving for her daughters, Angelique and Ariana, and she knew she needed a break. She turned to LSI’s Services for People with Disabilities. Through LSI, Jessica and her family receive respite care for the girls, which gives her some time to take a break, run errands,...

Our chapel is a place where I can feel comfortable talking about my experiences. I feel more positive now and I know I can bring my troubles here.

18 December 2017| Mental Health Services, Services for Children and Youth
Spiritual Life

13-year-old Dakota’s childhood was filled with trauma and instability. He started acting out. He became verbally and physically aggressive, lashing out at close family members. For years after, Dakota struggled to find a way to calm his rage. But now he’s ready to make a positive change. When Dakota came to LSI’s Bremwood Residential Treatment...

18 December 2017| Services for Adults, Services for Children and Youth
Strengthening Families

Iresha loved staying at home to care for her first child, Tanasha. She was eager to bond with her daughter and see all of Tanasha’s “firsts.” Her first steps. Her first words. Iresha was excited to experience them all. But as Tanasha grew into an active one-year-old, Iresha felt isolated and knew something needed to...