Stories of Empowerment

Stories of Empowerment

How LSI is making a difference
18 December 2017| Refugee Community Services
Breaking Barriers

Firmin Ntakimazi says Des Moines and LSI helped to save him. Now, he is giving back. After years of living in fear, surrounded by violence in his home country, Burundi, Firmin and his family found safety among Central Iowa’s welcoming people. Now Firmin, 52, has spent the last 10 years finding ways to be active...

I love to tell people I used to be at Bremwood. It definitely helped to change me into a better person.

18 December 2017| Mental Health Services, Services for Children and Youth
A Voice for Change

Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends and family. But Morgan will always think of the holiday in a different way. For her, Thanksgiving marks the first time she was moved to an emergency bed in LSI’s Woodhaven Shelter. She was 10. “When I first came to Bremwood, I was really scared,” Morgan says....

18 December 2017| Mental Health Services, Services for Children and Youth
Confidence and Control

Communication can be difficult for anyone, especially when it comes to mental health. For a while, Jonathan struggled to open up to any mental health experts. He saw several different psychiatrists over the past six years, but he never felt comfortable talking about his emotions. As Jonathan grew into his teenage years, his mother, Kristina,...

18 December 2017| Mental Health Services, Services for Children and Youth
Building a Mother-Daughter Bond

Melissa didn’t know what to do. Her oldest daughter, Brianna, struggled with anger issues and Melissa felt she was losing control at home. She wanted to have a loving relationship with her daughter, and she was afraid of becoming the “stern parent.” She turned to LSI’s Behavioral Health Intervention Services for help three years ago....

18 December 2017| Services for Children and Youth
Wraparound Care and Comfort

Tina was in a panic. Her daughter, Brea, was in the hospital for mental health concerns, and Tina knew she wouldn’t be able to provide Brea with the support she needed at home. She drove to the nearest LSI office, overwhelmed and in tears, hoping that someone on the Pediatric Integrated Health team could help...

18 December 2017| Services for Adults, Services for Children and Youth
One Happy Family

Danikah was a happy, playful toddler. But things began to change when her baby brother, Parker, was born. “In the hospital, she was happy to see him. But I don’t think she fully understood what was happening,” says Danikah’s mom, Stacy. “When everyone was home, she just wanted him to go away. It was a...

Keeping a Busy Schedule

Alecks loves to stay busy. From reading comic books and making costumes for Renaissance festivals, to going out on walks and taking care of his home, Alecks does it all. And his daily support staff, Jamie, is there to help him every step of the way. Jamie and Alecks have worked together for three months,...