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Healthy Harvest, Healthy Communities

Iowa values are something we all take great pride in. Farmers and their families have always held these close to their hearts, often helping neighbors in times of need.

Lutheran Services in Iowa (LSI) is built on this very same philosophy. We have been part of creating healthier Iowa communities through services to children, families and individuals for over 150 years – helping our neighbors in need when the need is greatest.

In Iowa, the need is greater now than it has ever been. The number of people in need of services like those LSI provides is increasing. Unemployment is on the rise, and poverty continues to grow for the most vulnerable people in our state.

That is why LSI is introducing the Healthy Harvest. Healthy Communities. campaign. This campaign is built on the shared values of Iowans and the idea that we are all neighbors. And, as neighbors, we are there for people during their most difficult times, helping them to find hope, healing and wholeness.

LSI’s Healthy Harvest. Healthy Communities. is built on the premise of making our state a better place to live for all of us. Please join us in this mission by making a gift of grain or donating online now to support LSI’s services for children, families and individuals.

By becoming a partner with LSI through this campaign, you become part of our Iowa family working together toward common goals of creating better lives for our children and families and developing healthier Iowa communities.

Thank you to all those in our agricultural community for all you do for your community and for Iowa. You are truly the heart and soul of this great state.

Ways to make a gift to LSI include:

Donate now online Make a gift of grain Mail us your gift
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