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Every child and teen needs to know someone cares about them.

As a mentor, you don’t need special skills. You just need to be able to listen and offer your encouragement and friendship. Sharing your interests, good conversations, advice and laughter with a young person gives them more than your time. It gives them a future.

Mentoring at LSI

We know some amazing young people at LSI who would benefit from a caring connection to someone like you.

LSI’s Beloit and Bremwood Residential Treatment Centers in Ames and Waverly provide 24-7 mental health services to children ages 5 to 18. Many of these young people have faced past abuse or neglect. As they begin to heal and learn new skills to move forward positively in their lives, a caring mentor can help.

Research shows that young people who have a mentor have better outcomes in areas of school, mental health, problem behaviors and health.

Our mentoring program involves an application, background checks and an informal interview.

Start the process

Apply to become a mentor in Ames or Waverly.

Questions? Please contact:

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