A Voice for Change

I love to tell people I used to be at Bremwood. It definitely helped to change me into a better person.

Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends and family. But Morgan will always think of the holiday in a different way.

For her, Thanksgiving marks the first time she was moved to an emergency bed in LSI’s Woodhaven Shelter. She was 10.

“When I first came to Bremwood, I was really scared,” Morgan says. “But I was trying not to cry because that was a sign of weakness.”

Morgan struggled with her anger management and when she was in stressful situations, she tried to escape her emotions by running away. But she can remember the exact moment she knew she wanted to make a change.

“One day at Bremwood, another resident lashed out at a staff. I was just sitting there thinking this is not the life I want to live,” Morgan says. “This is not me. This is not who I want to be.”

She worked hard to practice her coping skills, and quickly began building a better future for herself. But Morgan wanted to do more to give back and help others.

She now works at Bremwood, empowering other Iowa youth by giving them words of encouragement and helping them discover the coping skills they need to succeed.

“I realized that day at Bremwood, I want to do what I have to do to get better. You have to want to be different,” Morgan says. “I love to tell people I used to be at Bremwood. It definitely helped to change me into a better person.”

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