Building a Mother-Daughter Bond

Melissa didn’t know what to do.

Her oldest daughter, Brianna, struggled with anger issues and Melissa felt she was losing control at home. She wanted to have a loving relationship with her daughter, and she was afraid of becoming the “stern parent.”

She turned to LSI’s Behavioral Health Intervention Services for help three years ago.

The services provide regular home visits and family meetings for Melissa and Brianna. Each week, Brianna’s LSI team collaborates with her to find the coping skills she needs to thrive.

“We’re trying positive reinforcement, we’re practicing exercises like taking a pillow and screaming into it,” Melissa says. “Instead of just yelling and screaming, we’re finding an outlet for that anger.”

Brianna is also learning to express herself through her favorite hobby: drawing.

Melissa says her daughter is a visual learner, so the family is using art to help Brianna cope with her anger. Brianna loves her drawing exercises so much that she now wants to become an artist when she grows up.

Every step of the way, Melissa says she has felt empowered and supported by her LSI team.

“You get the positive support. As parents, you hear that you’re doing a good job. You get that pat on the back when you’re feeling defeated,” she says. “Without these programs, our family would still be struggling. LSI gives you the tools you need.”

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