It Takes a Village

Jessica felt overwhelmed.

She spent most of her time caregiving for her daughters, Angelique and Ariana, and she knew she needed a break.

She turned to LSI’s Services for People with Disabilities. Through LSI, Jessica and her family receive respite care for the girls, which gives her some time to take a break, run errands, or spend some time alone.

Angelique and Ariana receive monthly respite care from their providers, Kaitlyn and Megan, who play games with the girls, keep them active outdoors, and get them out in their community.

Kaitlyn and Megan are roommates and full-time college students. They wanted to find a way to make a difference for families in their community, and Respite Care has given them a flexible outlet for helping others while still juggling their busy class schedule.

Through Respite Care, the college students have become role models and the biggest cheerleaders for Angelique and Ariana.

Since last fall, Jessica has seen her daughters become more confident and independent as they built a strong bond with their LSI caregivers. Jessica is feeling more relaxed and in control of her parenting, and she is happy to see Angelique and Ariana develop a great relationship with Kaitlyn and Megan.

“It was a big decision to open up and feel comfortable with respite care for the girls, but Kaitlyn and Megan have done wonderful things for them,” Jessica says. “We’re so appreciative for LSI’s respite care, and having that resource is just wonderful.”

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