Keeping a Busy Schedule

Alecks loves to stay busy.

From reading comic books and making costumes for Renaissance festivals, to going out on walks and taking care of his home, Alecks does it all. And his daily support staff, Jamie, is there to help him every step of the way.

Jamie and Alecks have worked together for three months, but the two are already a great team, ready to tackle Alecks’ goals every day.

Alecks and his roommates have 24-hour support from LSI’s SFPD caring staff, and Jamie spends her mornings and afternoons helping Alecks check all the boxes off his to-do list.

“Alecks is super busy. He has a lot of friends and activities,” she says.

Every morning, Jamie helps Alecks wake up and complete his daily “chore chart.” Then, they go on walks together and talk about what Alecks is up to that week.

“He wants to work on his goals and better himself. And he has awesome self-awareness so if he makes a mistake, he can say “Whoops, my bad,” and try again the next day,” Jamie says.

And that’s something Alecks loves about his support staff. They’re passionate about watching him succeed.

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