One Happy Family

Danikah was a happy, playful toddler. But things began to change when her baby brother, Parker, was born.

“In the hospital, she was happy to see him. But I don’t think she fully understood what was happening,” says Danikah’s mom, Stacy. “When everyone was home, she just wanted him to go away. It was a pretty hard adjustment, especially since she went from having her own room to sharing one with a baby.”

Stacy found out about LSI’s New Parent Program shortly after Parker was born, and she hoped it could help her daughter adjust to the new changes at home.

The New Parent Program is one of LSI’s many free, voluntary Early Childhood programs and provides support and education to families during and after pregnancy.

Through the program, Stacy meets other moms in her community, and Danikah interacts with other children who have siblings.

“She can look at them and see how they interact and share toys with their siblings, and she’s starting to understand,” Stacy says.

The program also helps Stacy adjust to Danikah and Parker’s developmental stages, and Stacy has learned how to potty train Danikah and manage her temper tantrums.

At home, Stacy and her children receive regular visits from their LSI worker, Krystal. She brings creative crafts each week that Stacy can make from materials around the house.

Danikah, now 5, is always eager to learn a new activity with Krystal. She’s even started to share her homemade toys with Parker.

“The New Parent Program is fun for kids, and you can also do things together as a family,” Stacy says. “ You get that time with your child, and you’re building a better relationship in the process.”

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