Strengthening Families

Iresha loved staying at home to care for her first child, Tanasha. She was eager to bond with her daughter and see all of Tanasha’s “firsts.” Her first steps. Her first words. Iresha was excited to experience them all.

But as Tanasha grew into an active one-year-old, Iresha felt isolated and knew something needed to change. The mother and daughter spent much of their time together in their home.

She turned to LSI’s People Place six months ago and found exactly what her family needed.

Before coming to People Place, Iresha noticed her daughter becoming more and more attached to her.

“There were no other kids to play with, she’s always known only me,” Iresha says.

Iresha expressed her concerns to LSI staff at People Place and together, they are helping Tanasha to feel more comfortable playing with other children. Each week, Iresha practices leaving the room for longer and longer periods of time. And each week, Tanasha is finding joy in making new friends on her own.

For Iresha, People Place is a great source of education and support. She’s able to meet other moms, share her stories, get their advice, and be part of a community. Meanwhile, Tanasha is learning to play with other kids of all ages.

“She is getting along and playing with these kids,” Iresha says. “And it’s a way to spend time with kids of different ages and backgrounds.”

Iresha feels grateful to have People Place as a resource, and she is relieved knowing she can provide a brighter future for her child.

“This is a place where parents can have some rest, and their children can play,” she says. “This is a space for everyone. I love going here.”

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