Wraparound Care and Comfort

Tina was in a panic. Her daughter, Brea, was in the hospital for mental health concerns, and Tina knew she wouldn’t be able to provide Brea with the support she needed at home.

She drove to the nearest LSI office, overwhelmed and in tears, hoping that someone on the Pediatric Integrated Health team could help her find a treatment center for her child.

“I was calling everyone and I went into LSI bawling. I didn’t know what to do,” Tina says. “That night, LSI helped me get her placed at a treatment center that could meet her needs.”

Brea, 17, now receives several mental health services from various organizations. Tina, a single mom with eight other children, works with each organization to make sure her daughter is getting the quality care she needs. But instead of feeling overwhelmed, Tina knows she is in control.

LSI’s Behavioral Health Worker, Wyndolyn, helps Tina coordinate all of Brea’s medical appointments and sessions, and worked with the family to obtain a Children’s Mental Health Waiver for Brea.

Brea has been steadily improving for the past nine months. She is finding coping skills to manage her aggression and she’s making positive choices as she enters her senior year of high school. She’s eating healthier and is involved in several sports at school.

“In the past, Brea wouldn’t want to open up to anyone,” Wyndolyn says. “In my last home visit, she ran up to the door and started talking non-stop. We’ve built a really positive relationship.”

Whether Brea needs support in school, with her doctors, or in therapy, she and her mom know LSI’s Pediatric Integrated Health team will be there every step of the way.

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