Helping Keep Kids Safe

At 8 years old, Sofia was often the only one caring for her younger siblings. She tried to be the “normal” girl at school but her only mission at home was to protect her younger brothers and sisters from near-constant neglect, hunger, and abuse.

That all began to change when Mitch came into her life. Mitch is a Family Safety, Risk, and Permanency Care Coordinator for LSI. He made sure Sofia and her siblings had clothes for school. He helped transport them to doctor’s appointments. He remembered their birthdays.

When it became clear that living with their biological parents wasn’t a safe option, Mitch was by the siblings’ side and advocated to keep them together.

During his 18 months working with the siblings, Mitch was one of the only constants in their lives. He became “Papa Mitch” to the children.

After 649 days in foster care, Sofia and her siblings were adopted together into a loving family. And “Papa Mitch” was there at the adoption ceremony, celebrating with them. He even bought the children corsages for the occasion.

Even though his official case with the family is closed, Mitch remains a part of their lives, delivering Christmas presents and dropping by to see their Halloween costumes.

That’s why Mitch loves serving at LSI. He’s able to see the difference we can make in the lives of Iowa children and families.

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