A Home Full of Love

Brittany wanted to create a warm, happy home for her new family. She and her boyfriend, Dustin, were ready to welcome their first child.

But shortly after her son, Easton, was born, he began experiencing health issues. When Brittany and Dustin took him to the hospital, they learned Easton had severe asthma. He would need to travel across Iowa every three months for treatments and doctor’s visits and also required multiple medications, some of which needed to be taken several times a day.

Life was stressful at home, too. Brittany and Dustin lived apart, and they were usually on opposite schedules. With little other family support, Brittany was often left to care for Easton alone.

Then, Brittany discovered LSI’s Early Childhood Services. She hoped they would help her create a solid foundation for her new family.

Through LSI, Brittany became involved with the New Parent Program, which provides in-home parent education. The LSI team visited Brittany and Easton every week, presenting new tips and techniques for Brittany to use to raise a happy, healthy child.

“We’ve been through a ton, but LSI has helped us through everything,” Brittany says. “I thought I was not cut out for parenting. It was just hard. I felt lonely, I felt like I couldn’t talk to anybody. But when I talked to anyone at LSI, it helped me so much.”

Brittany and Dustin are using their weekly lessons to help Easton thrive as he grows into an outgoing and energetic toddler. Brittany works at a daycare and has started taking college courses in human services and social work. Her experience has given her confidence to empower other young families in need of a support system.

“I want to work with other families in need,” Brittany says. “The people at LSI are the ones to help you through the times when you don’t know what to do.”

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