Creating a Forever Home

We were a welcoming family, and we really didn’t want that journey to stop.

Many of Cheryl’s favorite memories involve raising her two children, watching them thrive, and counting the shoes in the doorway each night to see how many of her children’s friends she would be making dinner for.

But as her children grew up and began leaving home, Cheryl thought about the many more Iowa children who needed a loving family and support system like hers. That’s when her family began adopting.

“We were a welcoming family, and we really didn’t want that journey to stop,” Cheryl says.

Across western Iowa, LSI Foster Care and Adoption recruits families like Cheryl’s to foster or adopt children and youth who need a caring, stable home. Our expert team trains foster families to support the children in their care, while collaborating with their birth families whenever possible.

Since starting her journey as an adoptive parent 20 years ago, Cheryl has welcomed 19 adopted children into her family, and her children range in age from 9 to 35. They come from different backgrounds and cultures, and Cheryl says it’s been enriching to celebrate those differences in her home.

Cheryl’s family welcomes children in western Iowa, where there is ongoing, urgent need for more foster and adoptive families to provide homes for hundreds of children entering foster care each year. Through LSI Foster Care and Adoption, foster and adoptive families are trained to keep each child connected to their culture, ensuring they maintain that part of their identity.

Cheryl is a confident and kind mother. Her family has found lots of love and laughter as they’ve built new experiences and grown together.

“People will say to us, ‘God bless you that you’ve done this.’ We don’t see it that way,” Cheryl says. “We see it as how blessed and thankful we are to have a family that’s so big.”

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