Finding His Independence

Logan and his mother, Michaela, didn’t know where to turn.

Since he was 5 years old, Logan had moved in and out of hospital visits and residential treatment centers across Iowa. For 13 years, Michaela tried desperately to find the right approach to address his behavioral needs. But nothing was working.

“He spent a year and a half each in the last two treatment centers, but he struggled with taking direction,” Michaela says.

That’s when the family learned about LSI’s Services for People with Disabilities. Logan was eligible for Daily Supported Community Living, where he could live independently in an apartment supervised 24/7 by an LSI team.

“Near the end of his last stay in residential treatment, we were spending our time preparing Logan to move into independent living, which was pretty scary,” Michaela says. “But at LSI, they treat him like an individual and they know each person is different and will need different care.”

Since August, Logan’s LSI team has been helping him develop his skills. Hannah, an LSI Service Coordinator, and the team have helped him stick to a daily routine, get active in his community, keep up with his schoolwork, and develop healthy relationships with his friends.

“In the past, I know I would manipulate people sometimes,” Logan says. “But I’m learning right from wrong, and knowing what I should and shouldn’t do.”

Logan now feels comfortable riding public transit around town, and he graduated early from his high school in December, though he is eager to return in May to receive his diploma at his graduation ceremony. In the meantime, Logan is looking for a job and has become active at the gym and in a local bowling league – where his high score for a game is 210.

Every step of the way, Michaela knows Hannah will keep her in the loop about her son’s care and growth.

“This transition was so much easier knowing any concerns or thoughts I had would be addressed,” Michaela says. “It’s good knowing that I have constant communication with his team, and I know somebody is saying, ‘we hear you’.”

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