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LSI has made a great impact for my family.

As everyone was preparing for the Christmas season, Ali was eager to finally give his family a gift he’d been dreaming of for almost a year: a second car.

In 2014, Ali came to the U.S. as a refugee from Somalia. He dedicated his time to finding a job and building a better life for his family. But he and his wife struggled to keep up with both of their busy jobs and juggle caring for their four young children with only one vehicle.

“It was a very stressful time for my family, especially when emergencies happened or schedules changed,” Ali says.

Last April, he decided to make it his goal to set aside money for a second car. He knew he needed help to get him through the car-buying process, and he found just what he needed: LSI’s Refugee Community Services Individual Development Accounts (IDA).

Through the program, Ali was guided through basic financial literacy classes and one-on-one coaching to prepare him for buying a new car. In addition to the educational support, the program provided Ali with a $4,000 match to his hard-earned savings.

“The IDA program helped me save money,” Ali says. “I felt really excited when I finally had enough for the second car.”

Now, Ali and his family are thriving. They have reliable transportation, and Ali feels confident knowing his family’s needs can be met every day.

But Ali isn’t stopping there. He is using the skills he learned through LSI to continue saving money for any mechanical problems or emergencies, ensuring a stable future for his family.

“I’m very thankful for LSI and for this opportunity,” Ali says. “It is really good of them to offer this program, and LSI has made a great impact for my family.”

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