A Life-Changing Phone Call

I was lucky I had all the support I needed. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who have fostered or adopted before.

It was a few days before the presidential election in 2012, and Kelly was tired of all the political ads and unwanted campaign phone calls.

The Saturday before she cast her vote, an unknown number called her cell phone. She almost didn’t answer, but something told her to pick up the phone.

The voice on the other end told her there was a baby girl in need of a home.

“The next day, the social workers came to our door. We saw this baby girl with a full head of hair,” Kelly says.

Kelly instantly fell in love with the baby, named Cailey. Her family started by providing foster care for a few months, until Cailey was returned to her birth mother. But when Cailey came back into Kelly’s care, she began the process of officially adopting Cailey into her forever family.

Cailey enjoys playing with her older brother and two older stepsisters. Kelly says she’s “into princesses right now, but she also likes tools.”

Cailey also has a younger biological sister who was adopted by a mutual friend of Kelly’s. The two families make sure the girls can meet every once in a while so they can stay connected.

“We couldn’t not tell them,” Kelly says. “They’re 11 months apart, so they play and we hope we can keep them together.”

Kelly, who is adopted herself, always wanted to become a foster and adoptive parent. But for any new parents out there interested in following her path, she wants them to know how important it is to have a positive support system.

“I was lucky I had all the support I needed,” she says. “Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who have fostered or adopted before.”

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