Helping Kids Thrive

When Kari, a little girl they knew through church, was in need of a foster home, Stacie and Blake decided to step up.

“We really had her best interest in mind, and we felt like we needed to help,” Stacie says.

The couple became licensed as foster and adoptive parents in 2013, and Stacie says it’s been a rewarding experience ever since.

After caring for Kari as foster parents, the opportunity came to adopt her.

“It was a great feeling when the adoption went through, just seeing our name on her birth certificate for the first time,” Stacie says.

Now 10, Kari is an amazing big sister. The family has fostered and adopted a son, 3-year-old Silas, and they recently welcomed their biological son, 1-year-old Jett, into the family.

Stacie and Blake continue to foster children in need of a safe and supportive home, and Stacie says they hope to adopt a child again in the future.

“When you become a foster or adoptive parent, yes, you’re helping children. But at the same time, you learn about yourself and you learn more about the world around you,” Stacie says. “Foster care is an experience that is indescribable and life-changing.”

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