Finding Her Voice

I can call her if I have a problem, and she’s there for me when I need her.

Life was a blur.

Kelli’s partner physically assaulted her. Then, he abandoned her and their oldest child.

She was in her third trimester of pregnancy.

With no family nearby, Kelli didn’t know where to turn. She was terrified. Hopeless. But Kelli knew she needed to be strong for her children, and often times, being strong means being strong enough to ask for help.

Kelli turned to an LSI therapist, Andrea, for support.

Andrea remembers meeting Kelli when she was “broken and lacking any sense of worth.”

“Without a support network to lean on, I bottled up a lot of my emotions. It was really rough,” Kelli says. “But Andrea talked me through a lot of the things I was feeling and helped me deal with the aftermath of becoming a single parent.”

Kelli’s oldest child also struggled with trauma. Andrea walked alongside the family every step of the way as they learned to cope with their pain and embrace their new life.

Andrea reminded them that despite what they’d been through, they were important. Their feelings and their voices mattered.

Over time, Kelli gained her confidence back. Through regular sessions with Andrea, she found the support she’d needed all along.

“I can call her if I have a problem, and she’s there for me when I need her,” Kelli says. “She’s made all the difference.”

“Kelli has gone far beyond gaining confidence,” Andrea says. “She has thrived in her independence, and she has found her voice and her determination to do right by herself and her children.”

Today, Kelly feels like herself again.

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