A New Life

A year and a half ago, Kevin was homeless. He struggled with substance use. He didn’t have a car. Or a driver’s license. Or a job.

Then, his world turned upside down and all at once, his priorities shifted. He found out he was a father to a beautiful baby girl, Willow. Kevin immediately began rehab and fought hard to build a healthy lifestyle. After months of hard work and efforts to get clean, Willow was placed in Kevin’s care while her mother received treatment for her substance use disorder.

Kevin knew he would need support and a community to help him create the best home for his daughter. His brother and niece had previously participated in LSI’s Early Childhood Services, and they’d had a great experience. So Kevin decided to give LSI a try, too.

After starting services last year, Kevin can’t imagine life with Willow without LSI.

Kevin is doing everything he can to ensure his daughter receives the proper care and education she needs to be a happy, healthy toddler. Through regular in-home visits from Lindsay, his LSI worker, Kevin is helping Willow develop her language and speaking, as well as her motor skills.

Lindsay also connected Kevin to other services in the community to help him earn his license, get a car, and move into his own home. Now one and a half, Willow is learning to use pens and markers, and loves writing and coloring. Her favorite book is a present from her dad – a picture book of the ABCs. Kevin’s face lights up when he proudly shares that she can identify the picture of a xylophone.

Lindsay has been blown away by the effort and dedication Kevin has shown to building a healthy home for his daughter.

“He’s always aware of how he can keep Willow safe, he’s always attentive to baby gates and doors,” she says. “He has the skills to know where she is developmentally, and he does an amazing job of being ready with age-appropriate toys and activities to support her.”

Kevin now has sole custody of Willow, and he works closely with her mother to ensure she gets regular visits. His life has changed for the better, and he credits Lindsay and LSI for walking alongside him on his journey.

“LSI teaches you to think about all the little things we often overlook as parents. And we learn to appreciate those little things more because of it,” Kevin says. “LSI is teaching me to be the best father I can be.”

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