Back to His Usual Self

Everything is going in a positive direction.

Last year at this time, Troy didn’t recognize his son.

Loki, his 16-year-old, was struggling in school. He’d once been ambitious and conscientious about schoolwork, but now, his grades were slipping. He was becoming detached and disconnected from his family and his friends. He bottled up his emotions and refused to open up.

Troy felt like his son was slipping away.

“As his father, I felt like there was nothing I could do to help,” Troy says. “The school and I were doing everything we could, but it just wasn’t sinking in.”

Troy thought he’d exhausted all his options until he learned about LSI’s Mental Health Services. Troy had never been in a therapy session before, and he wasn’t sure if it would make a difference for Loki. But he wanted his son to be the happy, flourishing teen he once was, and if therapy could help in any way, Troy figured it was worth a shot.

Together, he and Loki made their first appointment.

Loki began meeting with his LSI therapist, Renae, regularly. For the first time, Loki had a neutral, unbiased person to share his feelings and frustrations with. But Renae did more than just listen. She helped Loki practice coping skills and learn ways to feel more comfortable opening up and trusting other people with his feelings.

Slowly but surely, Troy started noticing Loki being more talkative after his sessions with Renae. Loki told more stories about his friends at school, and Troy saw his son spending more time with his classmates at the end of the day instead of being eager to get home. Now, when Troy asks him a question, he gets more than a “yes” or “no” answer.

With Renae in his corner and practical skills to fall back on, Loki feels more confident. He is thriving at school again. His grades are back up. He is more outgoing, and he has a stronger relationship at home with Troy.

“I’m a lot happier and Loki is a lot happier. Everything is going in a positive direction,” Troy says. “Renae and LSI have been excellent working with my son, and his therapy has gone better than I imagined.”

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