Guiding Light

Daniel and Karina sit on the floor of their living room with their son, David. Warm sunlight shines into their home as they play on a brightly colored mat, cheering David on as he builds a tower out of plastic blocks.

It’s a picture-perfect afternoon for this family of three – stress-free, peaceful, and lighthearted. It’s the kind of afternoon Daniel and Karina have dreamed about since they began using LSI’s services a year ago.

When they welcomed their first child, the couple was excited, but unprepared. Raising a baby came with more challenges and stressors than they were ready for.

David wasn’t sleeping through the night, and Daniel and Karina’s constant exhaustion was starting to take over their lives. When David wouldn’t eat, they were at a loss.

“We felt like we were lacking the knowledge we needed to raise our first child,” Daniel says. “We knew we had a lot to learn, and we wanted to get some guidance.”

When they learned about LSI’s Early Childhood Services, they jumped at the opportunity to enroll. A year later, Daniel and Karina feel like a brand new family.

Each week, their LSI worker, Lindsay, visits their home to provide education sessions and parenting tips. She supports Daniel and Karina as parents and helps them make sure David reaches all his important developmental milestones.

Daniel and Karina are exploring the possibility of someday homeschooling David. With Lindsay’s expert advice, they’re already learning what it would take to provide David with a high-quality education.

“Daniel and Karina are always open to any resources and learning what can help David the most,” Lindsay says. “In the past year, they’ve already become so comfortable in their parenting, and they’re more confident.”

David, who will turn two this summer, is now an engaged, thriving toddler who loves building structures out of blocks. His very favorite toy is a gift from his dad – a nightlight that creates stars on his ceiling. Someday, Daniel will teach his son about all the constellations.

David is finally sleeping through the night and Daniel and Karina have successfully established his feeding schedule. As they move on to their next big goal – learning to brush teeth – they no longer feel overwhelmed and they’re ready to tackle the challenge.

“David is happy and every day is a good day now,” Daniel says. “We feel more relaxed, and we’re very grateful. We aren’t afraid anymore, and we feel like LSI helped us learn how to be parents.”

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