“I Feel Like a Parent Now.”

When Harmony learned she was pregnant for the first time, she was excited, but apprehensive.

“I’ve always wanted kids and I loved babysitting, but I didn’t really know anything about their development,” Harmony says. “I didn’t know where my kid would need to be when she was six months old.”

Harmony’s mother, Lois, had heard of LSI’s People Place and hoped they could help prepare her family for the next stage of their life.

Now, a year later, Harmony and Lois haven’t looked back, and they can’t imagine life without their People Place team.

Every year, LSI’s People Place supports expecting parents or families of young children through a range of programs. Our mission is simple: to help parents build a solid foundation for their children and create bright futures for their families.

While she was pregnant, Harmony participated in prenatal services at LSI, which helped her maintain a healthy pregnancy and ensure she had everything she needed when her baby arrived.

In October of 2018, Harmony welcomed her daughter, Aya, and Harmony and Lois began participating in LSI’s Parent Education Program. They attended regular classes at People Place and were able to connect with other families in their community.

And the support didn’t stop there. At home, they were receiving weekly visits from Amy, a People Place parent educator. Each week, Amy brought resources for Harmony and age-appropriate toys for Aya. They worked together to monitor Aya’s development, and Amy taught the family what to expect as Aya began hitting her developmental milestones.

Even Lois, who had already raised four children, gained knowledge from Amy’s visits.

“I never learned about developmental stages, but I’m realizing now that I can look back and see those patterns as my children grew up,” she says. “The toys Amy brings are essential. I grew up in a time where the toy store was an aisle of the hardware store. But we’re seeing that playing and learning are so important for brain development in the first few years. I still have things to learn about babies, and here I am, a grandmother.”

This fall, Aya celebrated her first birthday. She has started to repeat words she hears and she loves looking at books – especially her two favorites, which have pictures of babies in them.

Harmony feels more confident in her parenting, and she is thankful that she and her mother have created a co-parenting home where Aya can bond with her grandma, too. Harmony has found a job she loves and at home, she enjoys positive relationships with both her mother and her daughter.

“LSI helps you learn how to raise your baby and how to learn about being a parent,” Harmony says. “Before, I felt like I was trying to swim, but I was drowning. I feel like a parent now.”

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