Raising Healthy Families

As a child, Morgan had endured trauma no one should experience. Addiction, divorce, and difficult family relationships all surrounded Morgan in her childhood home and by the time she turned 18, she was living on her own.

When she found out she was pregnant for the first time, Morgan was determined to never repeat the past she grew up with.

Two weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Sophia, Morgan learned about LSI’s Early Childhood Services, which provide in-home education and support to new parents.

She decided to enroll in the program.

The day LSI entered her life, Morgan remembers feeling overwhelmed. A stranger was coming to her home. The house wasn’t clean. Breastfeeding her new baby was a struggle. She was hard on herself about every decision she was making.

But when she first met her LSI worker, Ashley, everything changed.

“There was no stress. It didn’t feel like there were eyes watching you to see what you were doing wrong,” Morgan remembers. “Instead, it was ‘How can I make this better for you? How can I make this transition into motherhood go smoothly?’”

Every week, Ashley would bring age-appropriate toys and games for Sophia to play with. She provided Morgan with educational resources to help her track Sophia’s development and make sure her daughter was hitting all her important milestones.

When Morgan welcomed her second child, Nolan, Ashley was with her every step of the way. It was Ashley who noticed that Nolan had developed a speech delay, and she helped Morgan connect with a speech therapist to correct it early. When Morgan separated from the kids’ father, Ashley was the first person she called.

“I went through all the scary thoughts you have when you leave a bad situation,” Morgan says. “She helped me get set up with all the resources I needed. She’s come through on multiple occasions where I didn’t have anybody else.”

Now, Morgan’s family is thriving.

Sophia is in preschool and loves telling her mom about her teachers, friends, and the new songs she learned at school. Nolan is an active two-year-old who is learning new words every day. Morgan is currently finishing her Registered Nursing degree, and she dreams of working in emergency care at a hospital after graduation. And all the while, Ashley has been there to cheer them on.

“She’s been more than a worker, she’s been a friend when I’ve needed someone the most,” Morgan says. “Being a new mom is hard. Having that extra person there, who doesn’t judge you, who doesn’t see your flaws, who is just there to help you – you can’t put a price on that.”

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