Hope and Healing for Levi

Becki’s life was turned upside-down in 2001, when her husband passed away. She had always dreamed of raising a family but at age 27, her hopes were devastated by the tragedy. As the years went by, she began considering foster care or adoption – providing a home for Iowa children who needed her most.

She decided to take a leap of faith last year, when she became a licensed foster and adoptive parent through LSI Foster Care and Adoption. She especially felt called to care for children with higher medical needs. She made it her goal to provide safe homes for children who needed more intensive care and support from her.

In September, Becki’s life changed forever. She was introduced to the first child in foster care who would be placed with her, Levi.

When Levi arrived, he had several serious health risks. Not even a year old yet, Levi had spent eight months of his life in the hospital, and he required surgery shortly after entering Becki’s care. Over the last several months, Becki has juggled appointments, therapy sessions, evaluations, and surgeries with five specialists across Iowa.

It is a heavy load to bear but for Becki, it is worth it when she sees how far Levi has come in his young life. When he first arrived, Becki remembers him as lethargic and unaware of his surroundings. At 15 months old, he has now learned how to roll on his own, and he is a bright and alert baby. He enjoys playing with toys – his favorite is his chewy giraffe – and Becki is inspired by how much he has grown and thrived since entering foster care.

Becki has also kept Levi’s birth mother involved in his life. Throughout COVID, when in-person visits were not possible, Becki made sure they still connected over video chats and phone calls. And every step of the way, her LSI Foster Care and Adoption team has been ready to provide guidance, support, and encouragement.

“This little guy is amazing. He is doing well and every day, I’m seeing improvements,” Becki says. “I thought I needed to have a spouse to be able to have a child, but I can do it by myself. I’ve just been so blessed and I’m so thankful for him.”

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