Never Alone

Two years ago, Kayla knew it was time for a change in her life.

She had struggled with substance use for years and over time, she had lost custody of her two oldest children. When she was pregnant with her youngest son, Rafe, she was determined to build a brighter future for him. She decided to enter treatment to become sober and create a healthy home for her baby.

While in treatment, Kayla learned about LSI Early Childhood Services and enrolled in the HOPES program, which provides in-home parenting education and guidance for parents of young children. She met with her LSI worker, Kellie, and immediately began forming a bond that would make a life-changing impact for her family.

Now, Kayla is living a life she never thought possible.

At LSI, we are committed to providing hope and healing to parents of young children. Through regular in-home visits, our staff builds on a family’s individual strengths and offers educational materials, age-appropriate activities for children, and guidance and advice for parents who may feel isolated as they raise their family.

Thanks to your support of LSI, our Early Childhood Services are strengthening Iowa families and keeping children in safe, healthy home environments.

Every week, Kayla and Kellie worked together to ensure Kayla had all the resources and support she needed to raise Rafe in her home. They kept track of all his important developmental milestones, sharing smiles and laughs along the way. Whether it was supplying diapers or being a listening ear, Kellie was always there for Kayla.

“Kellie’s my confidant. I talk to her about everything,” Kayla says. “She is there to help me feel all my emotions and validate me, walking me through it all. She always reminds me to stay in the moment and take it one day at a time.”

You are creating these moments of hope for Iowa parents like Kayla. Through your support of LSI, you are showing families that they are not alone on their parenting journey. We know there are more parents out there looking for the same guidance and encouragement Kayla has found through working with Kellie. Will you help? Please consider making a gift to LSI today and wrap care around more Iowa moms like Kayla.

Kayla studied hard to earn her driver’s license and get a car, ensuring she had reliable transportation to work and appointments. She secured a job as a chef and now, she is doing what she loves for a living.

Because of her dedication, Kayla also regained custody of her oldest daughter and recently, she celebrated her two-year sobriety milestone. She is now working on cultivating relationships with other members of her family, including her older son. And along the way, Kellie has been there as her go-to cheerleader.

Kayla is now expecting another child and with support and encouragement from Kellie, she feels empowered and confident that she has everything she needs to help her family thrive.

“I just feel overwhelmed and overjoyed. I never thought I could do all this, so I’m proud of myself,” she says. “There are people at LSI that care about you. They are there to support you and they are willing to help.”

Kayla has created a life for her family she never thought was possible. We see stories like Kayla’s every day at LSI, thanks to your support. We are so grateful for your partnership! Please consider making a gift to LSI today and ensure we can continue our legacy of providing hope and healing to more Iowa families.

P.S. In 2020, LSI Early Childhood Services provided 18,757 virtual home visits to Iowa families during the pandemic. In times of crisis, you ensured LSI was still able to provide critical care and guidance to parents across the state. Thank you for your support of LSI, and thank you for responding to the love of Jesus Christ through compassionate service!

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