Making a Difference in Their Own Backyard

Cassie and Chet wanted to make a positive impact on others.

In the past, the family had occasionally talked about pursuing international adoption to provide care for children in need of a forever home. But when they learned about Iowa’s foster care landscape, they had a change of heart.

“After hearing that kids in our own backyard were in need of homes, we decided to look into foster care instead,” Cassie says. “We felt like we were blessed abundantly, and we wanted to share with others in need.”

The couple became dual licensed to provide foster care and adopt in September of 2018. Since then, they have fostered three children and adopted two. Their forever family now includes Lloyd, 11, Brecken, 10, Hope and Lily, both 9, Poppy, 8, Daphne, 7, and Kalvin, 4.

Cassie says the family’s favorite part of the experience over the years has been to watch the kids change, grow, and thrive when they are brought into a safe home environment. And as the need for foster and adoptive families across Iowa is greater than ever, Cassie shared some advice for those considering becoming licensed:

“There will never be an opportune moment to do foster care or even adopt. You just need to do it,” she says. “Foster care and adoption don’t take special people. It takes a little effort and a willingness to learn.”

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