Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP)

LSI partners with CAPP to foster healthy, positive relationships in Iowa children and teens. We provide K-12 students with age-appropriate relationship-building, pregnancy prevention, and anti-bullying curriculum.

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We know this is a difficult and confusing time. But our mission to provide critical resources to Iowa children and teens has not changed. For the next several weeks, CAPP is partnering with LSI therapist Anne Peters to provide tips and tools for coping with COVID-19.

Your Mental Health Matters

A blog by Anne Peters, LMFT

Family Togetherness – Mealtime

By Anne Peters, LMFT Life gets so busy. Although the last 14+ months of the pandemic have brought so many difficulties and fears, the one thing I have seen increase is family togetherness. What better way to plan for family togetherness than a family meal? Whether it’s dinner each night or breakfast each morning, a...

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Top 3 Ways to Redirect Behaviors and Keep the Peace

By Anne Peters, LMFT Let’s face it – staying calm in the midst of negative behaviors from your children is hard. Let’s see if this sounds familiar: Child A pushes Child B because he was wanting her toy. Child B screams and pushes Child A back. The dog starts barking, children are screaming, objects are...

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Springtime Sensory Activities

By Anne Peters, LMFT We have officially made it to spring! We made it through another winter and can see the blooms of new beginnings all around us. The weather is warming up and with that, we can enjoy some outside time with our loved ones. I don’t know who will enjoy it more, us...

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What’s it like to be in therapy? A therapist shares the ins and outs

By Anne Peters, LMFT If you’ve never been in therapy (or it’s been a while), the thought of going may produce some anxiety with not knowing what to expect. I’m here to give you some general ins and outs of what it’s like, so you know what to expect when you walk in the door...

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By Anne Peters, LMFT If the last year has taught us anything (and boy, it’s taught us a lot), it’s taught us that humans are resilient. That does not mean we are free of fear or pain or struggle, but that we can make it through. The Webster Dictionary definition of resilience states, “an ability...

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