Services for Children and Youth

Our chapel is a place where I can feel comfortable talking about my experiences. I feel more positive now and I know I can bring my troubles here.

Spiritual Life

13-year-old Dakota’s childhood was filled with trauma and instability. He started acting out. He became verbally and physically aggressive, lashing out at close family members. For years after, Dakota struggled...

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Strengthening Families

Iresha loved staying at home to care for her first child, Tanasha. She was eager to bond with her daughter and see all of Tanasha’s “firsts.” Her first steps. Her...

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Confidence and Control

Communication can be difficult for anyone, especially when it comes to mental health. For a while, Jonathan struggled to open up to any mental health experts. He saw several different...

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Building a Mother-Daughter Bond

Melissa didn’t know what to do. Her oldest daughter, Brianna, struggled with anger issues and Melissa felt she was losing control at home. She wanted to have a loving relationship...

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Wraparound Care and Comfort

Tina was in a panic. Her daughter, Brea, was in the hospital for mental health concerns, and Tina knew she wouldn’t be able to provide Brea with the support she...

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One Happy Family

Danikah was a happy, playful toddler. But things began to change when her baby brother, Parker, was born. “In the hospital, she was happy to see him. But I don’t...

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