Mental Health Services

I can call her if I have a problem, and she’s there for me when I need her.

Finding Her Voice

Life was a blur. Kelli’s partner physically assaulted her. Then, he abandoned her and their oldest child. She was in her third trimester of pregnancy. With no family nearby, Kelli...

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Something that Works

When Andrea first arrived at the Polk County Juvenile Detention Center, she was skeptical. The 16-year-old had struggled to manage her anger in a healthy way, and she was sent...

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Striving Towards Her Highest Peak

Eight-year-old Kendale wears a small beaded bracelet on her right wrist. The beads include mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, and water from Mount Everest, the...

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Cultivating Creativity

Six-year-old Logan had a big imagination. He enjoyed playing pretend and making his teachers and classmates believe he had superpowers. But as Logan became more and more absorbed in his...

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An ‘Old’ Hobby for a New Generation

From a building on LSI’s Bremwood Residential Treatment Center campus, snippets of conversation can be heard over the soft whirring of sewing machines. “Does anybody have any blue thread?” “I’m...

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Taking Baby Steps

When his little sister was born, things started to change for Jaimee. His mom, Jaymee, noticed he began to act out more, and she was afraid he felt neglected while...

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Seeds of Hope

On a warm, sunny day in July, 10 young kids run up the hill at the Beloit Residential Treatment Center in Ames, eager to reach a large garden plot nearby....

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On the Path to a Brighter Future

Growing up is difficult for any child. But imagine being labeled the “bad kid” in school and feeling isolated, excluded, like no one believes in you. For a while, that’s...

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Our chapel is a place where I can feel comfortable talking about my experiences. I feel more positive now and I know I can bring my troubles here.

Spiritual Life

13-year-old Dakota’s childhood was filled with trauma and instability. He started acting out. He became verbally and physically aggressive, lashing out at close family members. For years after, Dakota struggled...

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Confidence and Control

Communication can be difficult for anyone, especially when it comes to mental health. For a while, Jonathan struggled to open up to any mental health experts. He saw several different...

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